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Digitally transform your business with the PERFEQTA platform. Replace paper, spreadsheets, and outdated software for any process, and be in control!

Over 3000 business, manufacturing, quality, and regulatory solutions, and our easy app builder that lets you customize or build your own in hours, not weeks or months!

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PERFEQTA Business Process Software


Replace inefficient processes by choosing one of our 3000 pre-built applications or build your own, your way. Do it in a fraction of the time without writing a single line of code or overburdening your IT team.


Enjoy the benefits of a flexible platform that caters to your data collection, analysis, and reporting needs. Flexible pricing, flexible features, flexible deployment, and flexible software upgrades.


PERFEQTA helps you comply with FDA, GMP/GLP/GxP, ISO 9001, and 21 CFR Part 11 regulations and standards using industry-driven features and strict security protocols. Comply with ease.


All business processes in one software

Standardize and consolidate multiple business activities into one platform across the entire organization.

Streamline your operations and increase collaboration and productivity without having to log in and out of multiple software tools, or having to deal with spreadsheets or stacks of paper.

PERFEQTA has over 3000 solutions for regulated organizations, from business, manufacturing, regulatory, quality to operations, and administration.

Business management software for consolidation across organization departments


Change the tool not your business process

PERFEQTA helps you take control of your organization by digitally transforming your business processes and procedures into customizable apps and solutions.

Built with the user in mind, PERFEQTA allows you to choose one of our 3000 best-business-practice ready-made solutions or customize your own. Solutions are created using a drag and drop functionality to outline the steps and actions required to complete almost any task or procedure.

Our feature list is extensive, but we know, it is not about the features, it is about what makes your business move. We are happy to send you a detailed list of our features. Just ask!

Customizable business process software


SOP-Friendly workflows with electronic signature for paperless approvals

Rout your work according to your standard operating procedures and business rules. Increase accountability and on-time task completion with dynamic or ad hoc assignments.

Change workflows visually and optimize your process without writing a single line of code. Speed up your reviews, and streamline your process.

FDA CFR 21 Part 11 compliant electronic signing

Be Alert

Dynamic schedules & smart notifications

Create schedules for specific assets or users, assign work to the right team members. Create alerts to notify one user or a group of users, and have work activities get escalated based on your pre-defined criteria.

Create schedules for specific assets or users, assign work to the right team members. Create alerts to notify one or a group if anything needs your attention in your organization, along with automated escalation.

Take care of minor issues before they mushroom into significant ones.

Better manage organizational tasks through scheduling software feature


Results-Focused BI & AI

PERFEQTA’s industry-leading reporting, business intelligence, and artificial intelligence-powered (AI) tools offer personalized analytics and dashboards to identify patterns and gain valuable insight into operational data in real-time.

Our reporting and intelligence tools have been optimized to serve highly regulated industries with control charts and advanced scientific formulas and expressions.

PERFEQTA business intelligence and reporting software tool


Communicate with multiple devices and over 1500 software tools & systems

Bring your entire organization together and increase control across multiple processes with minimal effort from IT and QA.

PERFEQTA easily connects to other devices and over 1500 software tools and systems, including ERP, MRP, BECS, LIS, and CRM.

Software integrations for business management consolidation


Serious security to keep you compliant

With security control in place (physically and technically) and continuous monitoring, PERFEQTA has plenty of features to keep your data safe.

PERFEQTA allows you to integrate with your network and enterprise security for seamless operation and stronger governance.

You can control access to data based on user roles, departments and location, and their duties, along with complete audit trail and multi-factor authentication and CFR 21 Part 11 electronic signature capability.

Permissions and security access levels in software for regulated operations


You decide on deployment options: Cloud, hybrid, multi-cloud or on-premises

PERFEQTA is a flexible platform as a service (PaaS) that fits the way you work, including your preference for software deployment options.

Most of our clients go with the no-hardware, no-setup, no-maintenance cloud option, and use PERFEQTA on the cloud. We do it all from A to Z. All you have to do is log into the platform and do what you do best.

PERFEQTA supports private cloud, hybrid, multi-could, and on-premises deployment options. You are always in control!

Software integrations for business management consolidation

Mobile Acess

On-the-go data collection, approving and reporting made easy across devices

Access PERFEQTA from anywhere and through all devices: desktop, smartphones, and tablets. PERFEQTA is optimized to fit your way and your environment.

Collect data, schedule and assign tasks, approve records, and review reports anywhere, anytime.

So, take PERFEQTA with you anywhere and apply it across more operations than those outdated desktop-bound tools!

Permissions and security access levels in software for regulated operations

The PERFEQTA Promise

Build custom apps fast

Faster than buying off-the shelf-software or custom development!

FDA CFR 21 Part 11 electronic signatures

Replace paper and outdated software with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliant system.

Unlimited workflows

Make changes to your workflows on your time, at no additonal cost.

Flexible features and flexible pricing

Competitive and flexible pricing! You only pay for the features that you need!

...and we're a partner that really cares!

Flexible Features
Flexible Pricing

Transparent pricing to help you calculate your ROI without hidden costs and add-on surprises.
Flexible pricing! You only pay for the features that will help your business thrive today!
Backed by our support, delivery and value guarantee. We strive to keep you happy.
PERFEQTA business management software

Learn how PERFEQTA can transform your organization!

Whether you need a simple data entry form or a workflow-rich app that manages multiple connected processes, PERFEQTA can help!
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