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Enrich your relations with customers, reduce your costs, improve your quality, and increase your market share.

Embrace technology and overcome bottlenecks and inefficiencies without changing your business processes.

Replace paper and outdated software with one centralized, and easily accessible system and be in control.

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Paper, worksheets, and disconnected tools got you down?

The hidden costs of a paper-heavy process or reliance on hard-to-maintain and control worksheets or standalone software tools go beyond the cost of paper, printers, ink, storage, or licenses for limited electronic tools.

Notice the inefficient turnaround time for customers, bloated size of staff to handle and manage the manual process, low quality of data, loss of document or accidental deletion of records, and the inability to effectively collaborate across sites and slow retrieval of data. All contribute to delayed decision making and directly impact the organization’s culture, regulatory-readiness, and the bottom line.

If yesterday’s tried-and-true tools are no longer as effective in attracting and keeping customers or not conducive to the company’s growth, it is time for a digital transformation. PERFEQTA can help.

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Transformative and compliant platform to solve your big problems

The PERFEQTA platform was built from the ground up around highly-regulated process requirements to solve operational problems across an organization without demanding it change the fundamental way it works or its approved SOPs.

PERFEQTA’s flexibility with over 3000 solutions and the ability to build your own without writing a single line of code, intelligent workflow, quality-based approach, robust security, and enterprise features provides the perfect platform to digitize your data collection, make it work for you, and become part of your overall strategy to gain more customers, improve their experience, increase your market share, and assure compliance with regulations and standards.

Highly-regulated organizations such as hospitals, laboratories, pharmaceutical companies, medical device companies, and more find PERFEQTA is the ideal tool for their digital transformation.

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Intelligence, speed, compliance, and flexibility are standard

We believe that for digital transformation to succeed, any solution should allow you to try different approaches for solving business problems without having to wait for months to make changes as is customary with traditional software development.  You should be able to do these things and not have to sacrifice on regulatory compliance such as electronic signature, audit trails, and data-access controls.

Our mission is to give you the freedom to transform your operations based on what works for your customers and the market you serve. Technology should adapt to your needs and not the other way around. PERFEQTA covers multiple areas, including operations, manufacturing, administration, and quality management systems, to name a few. PERFEQTA is flexible around your needs, provides for fast development of solutions, fast implementation, and fast and flexible deployment and is compliant with the strictest regulatory requirements. Try PERFEQTA now. Flexible Features and Flexible Pricing.

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Track Task Status and Operation Performance
Over 3000 Pre-Built Solutions. Customize or Create your own!
Customize Any Kind of Data Sets with Entities
Connect with Devices and Integrate with 1500 Systems
Schedule Work Activities and Escalate if Not Completed
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Intelligent Workflow Automation and Dynamic Routing
Real-Time Reporting and AI-Powered Business Intelligence
Receive Alerts to Know When Events Occur or Data Change
Custom Acceptance Criteria for Quality & Process Control

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