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Extend your EHR and other organization-wide enterprise systems securely and in-keeping with HIPAA compliance, CMS compliance and other regulatory standards. With a quality-first approach, you will increase efficiency across the entire network from patients to physicians, to providers and suppliers. Let us show you how we can eradicate paper, worksheets, and outdated software. Our method is simple, flexible, affordable and puts you in charge.

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PERFEQTA Solutions For Healthcare

Eradicate operational constraints

Complex challenges demand flexible solutions allowing for quick prototyping and modeling. With PERFEQTA, you can choose one of the 2500 pre-built applications designed for highly-regulated operations or build your own without writing any code. Solve and consolidate and stay in compliance with FDA, GxP, and ISO regulations and standards.

Healthcare employee using outdated software
Go beyond paperless

With razor-thin margins and constant cost pressures, finding ways to keep your staff on task, reduce turnover, and achieve economies of scale among your providers, care units and suppliers, is paramount. With EHR and RRP systems in place, other areas in the system operate on paper, worksheets, home-grown or hard to maintain software. PERFEQTA fixes that! 

Need document control, patient care related apps, safety management, training, equipment management, quality control, CAPA and SCAR processes management, JACHO internal audit applications, and analytical reporting, all in one place? PERFEQTA has what you need. Just ask.

Healthcare PERFEQTA user performing paperless data entry
Our experts are on your side for faster implementation

With a 100% implementation completion rate and a 100% on-time response rate for questions and support, we've got your back during the critical stage of training, implementation and every stage of qualification upon going live. Our goal is to have your benefits greatly exceed that which you have invested in time and money.

Executives discussing PERFEQTA implementation and ROI


Track Task Status and Operation Performance
Over 3000 Pre-Built Solutions. Customize or Create your own!
Customize Any Kind of Data Sets with Entities
Connect with Devices and Integrate with 1500 Systems
Schedule Work Activities and Escalate if Not Completed
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Intelligent Workflow Automation and Dynamic Routing
Real-Time Reporting and AI-Powered Business Intelligence
Receive Alerts to Know When Events Occur or Data Change
Custom Acceptance Criteria for Quality & Process Control

Learn how PERFEQTA can transform your organization!

Whether you need a simple data entry form or a workflow-rich app that manages multiple connected processes, PERFEQTA can help!
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