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Return on Investment with PERFEQTA

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Return on Investment with PERFEQTA

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Regulatory Benefits

  • PERFEQTA helps you comply with FDA, GMP/GLP/GCP/GxP, ISO, HIPAA, CLIA, and other regulations and standards with ease.
  • Validate the new way faster using your existing SOP’s with almost no changes to your process required.
  • Ensure adherence to SOP’s and improve compliance.

Process Benefits

  • Improve operational efficiency by 70% and reduce errors by 80%.
  • Consolidated your resources and tools, so you can focus on what really matters.
  • Speed up your tasks and improve accuracy by replacing outdated software.
  • Integrate with existing enterprise software and devices to connect previously disconnected data streams.
  • Gain actionable insights and increase control and visibility over your organization.
  • Make decisions faster by accessing data from anywhere and on any device, desktop, or mobile handset.
  • Going paperless and digitally transforming your operations with PERFEQTA allows you to streamline and automate any process and connect previously disconnected data streams. It’s easy, it’s effortless, and we can have you up and running fast!
  • Increase management controls and automate reviews.

People First Benefits

  • Backed by our people-first support, delivery, and value guarantee, your team has nothing to worry about. PERFEQTA works all the time without the need to set up hardware and software. Just log in and get the job done.
md anderson cancer center logo

“After using the PERFEQTA platform, MD Anderson users reported that PERFEQTA made a great impact to their daily operations. They praised PERFEQTA’s intuitive design, flexibility, ease of use and the support received from the PERFEQTA team. The platform scored exceptional marks in regard to reliability and the implementation process.”

University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

hoxworth logo

“PERFEQTA is the perfect solution for a regional blood center because it grows with you. We can automate our daily quality control processes, improve efficiency and reduce costs. Hoxworth expects to save 4x our investment in unnecessary spending in our first year on the platform. Transitioning our team from paper to PERFEQTA has been smooth and transformative.”

Hoxworth Blood Center, University of Cincinnati Medical Center
R. George Wells, Manager Donor Qualification System

avera logo

PERFEQTA has removed multiple manual paper records and captured required documentation electronically for blood bank, to ensure compliance with FDA, AABB, CAP and ISO standards. PERFEQTA has been very responsive to our needs, enabling us to develop and customize Reagent and Blood QC apps quickly, ultimately supporting top-notch quality care for our patients.

Avera McKennan Hospital & University Health Center
- Dawn Ver Hoeven, Laboratory Operations Manager

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