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PERFEQTA has produced 3,000 different solutions for catering to multiple areas of business in highly regulated industries such as blood banks, laboratories, hospitals and more. Take a look at the many different solutions we have. You'll find we have just what you are looking for, if not we can build it!

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Digital transformation for business management
Digital Transformation

Transform your outdated and burdensome paper and manual processes using PERFEQTA's digitaplatform. Choose from our pre-built app library or design your own around your precise needs. Move your operations into the future!

Business intelligence software tool
Business Intelligence
Quality Management Software
Quality Management

The importance of quality is paramount to every branch of every organization. Align your quality management operations into a simplified and streamlined process using PERFEQTA’s quality management apps.

Manage GxP operations
GxP Operations
Quality Control Software
Quality Control

Quality is key to any organizations operation’s. Improving control and disability into aspects of your operation can raise the quality level and help your organization perform in top tier levels like never before.  

Lab Operations Software
Lab Operations
Regulatory compliance visibility tool
Regulatory Compliance
Contact management for business management
Contract Management
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