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Reporting and business intelligence comes standard with all PERFEQTA solutions and the PERFEQTA platform. Make decisions faster and increase visibility across all PERFEQTA apps and external data sources connected to the PERFEQTA platform.

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Business Intelligence features
Business Intelligence for all

PERFEQTA Business Intelligence requires no setup, data warehouse, data models, or experience building reports. Creating reports and visual dashboards is easy, quick, and fast.

PERFEQTA Business Intelligence has over 30 chart types, extensive feature-set, and is capable of handling millions of records without extra effort or additional setup.

Users can view and share reports, dashboards, and collaborate based on user roles and permissions.

Let your data work for you without writing a single line of code and empower your team with the ability to discover the power of a consolidated and centralized data and business process management platform.

Business Intelligence manual reporting
PERFEQTA Intelligence capabilities

PERFEQTA comes with a rich business intelligence and reporting suite to help you get the most out of data entered into the PERFEQTA platform without the need for external tools.

The PERFEQTA BI suite includes over 30 types of charts including Levey-Jennings control charts, executive dashboards, interactive reports, user-defined filters, pivot tables, ad-hoc reporting, user-specific security, open integration with other data sources, ability to share reports and dashboard in real-time or as a snapshot and much more.

PERFEQTA Business Intelligence can be accessed from all devices anywhere, just like the PERFEQTA platform, all while helping you stay in compliance.

Mobile on-the-go business intelligence reporting capabilities
Industry expertise comes standard

Our know-how and industry expertise help our clients implement solutions faster using the PERFEQTA platform. Our BI and reporting tools were built from the ground up to address questions asked by those on the front lines; from supervisors, managers, directors to vice president of operations, and c-suite.

Compliant with FDA, GMP/ GAMP, ISO 9001, and 21 CFR Part 11, you can extend the benefits of PERFEQTA BI throughout all of your business areas including,  manufacturing, QA, QC, QMS, and other operational areas.

Get the most out of your data, assure compliance, reduce your costs, and improve your quality with a platform designed from the ground up for your industry to help you solve problems fast.

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Track Task Status and Operation Performance
Over 3000 Pre-Built Solutions. Customize or Create your own!
Customize Any Kind of Data Sets with Entities
Connect with Devices and Integrate with 1500 Systems
Schedule Work Activities and Escalate if Not Completed
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Intelligent Workflow Automation and Dynamic Routing
Real-Time Reporting and AI-Powered Business Intelligence
Receive Alerts to Know When Events Occur or Data Change
Custom Acceptance Criteria for Quality & Process Control

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