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Consolidated all paper forms and equipment records into apps reducing errors and manual work.

PERFEQTA is easy to use, flexible and customizable. We partnered with SCL to optimize and customize their current workflow into an integrated, single dashboard solution using our smart apps technology.

About SL

SCL Health is a faith-based, nonprofit healthcare organization dedicated to improving the health of the people and communities. Especially those who are poor and vulnerable. Founded by the Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth in 1864, our $2.8 billion health network provides comprehensive, coordinated care through eight hospitals, more than 150 physician clinics, and home health, hospice, mental health and safety-net services primarily in Colorado and Montana.


SCL came to PERFEQTA because they were having issues maintaining a record of their maintenance calibration, and testing of equipment. SCL was doing everything manually and used paper for all their processes. They needed a better solution.They started using spreadsheets but faced significant challenges.

  • Keeping up with regulations and compliance.
  • Costly errors, including potential loss of life.
  • Reduce paperwork, manual process, and chaos.


SCL health needed a way to digitize and automate their manual process. PERFEQTA consolidated all paper forms and equipment records into apps that SCL's team could use. This helped SCL, reduce costly human error, increase productivity, reduce cost and ensure compliance without the need for extensive software customization, large budgets and long development time. PERFEQTA worked closely with SCL's team to give them control and flexibilty of the apps that PERFEQTA created for their team.

  • Freeing up FTE time to  work on other tasks.
  • Reduced the risk of errors.
  • Replaced worksheets and got real time data.

- Elaine Ramsey, Quality Manager

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