Case Management for COVID-19

Manage COVID-19 cases and other infectious diseases quickly and precisely before and after onset of symptoms

PERFEQTA offers a complete suite of software tools to help government agencies, private and public organizations manage COVID-19 cases throughout the entire disease progression and potential impact to other contacts. Quick to setup and flexible around your needs.

Complete Case Management

Record the complete cycle of COVID-19 case from reporting, test, and disease progression to recovery or other outcomes.

  • Linked to PERFEQTA's COVID-19 Contact Tracing and COVID-19 Testing solutions
  • Document administered care and daily temperature as reported by infected persons
  • Track patient temperature in real-time
  • Track signs and severity of symptoms of COVID-19
  • Streamline clinical work from the time of report to post treatment
  • Track progression of disease among patients and its severity.
Customizable business process software

Help Your Community Recover Faster

Using precise data and real-time information, you are able to quickly realize patterns and help those you care for get better sooner.

  • Report and trend all data collected using flexible visual tools and dashboards
  • Drive the right action based on real-time alerts
  • Help agencies and clinical research by sharing non-private data and trends.
Business management software for consolidation across organization departments

Additional Benefits

Utilize fewer human resources to trace and manage cases and eliminate data collection errors
HIPAA & 21 CFR Part 11 compliant with the highest security standards
Replace your current manual forms or hard-to-manage worksheets with a 100% automated solution
Support front-line healthcare and first-responders and help flatten the curve
Link with other computer systems, government databases and EHR systems.

Learn how PERFEQTA can help stem the spread of COVID-19

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