Contact Tracing for COVID-19

Stem the spread of COVID-19 with flexible contact tracing software to track and manage cases

Working with healthcare organizations and agencies worldwide, PERFEQTA now offers a complete contact tracing solution to track COVID-19 cases; pre and post onset of symptoms. Proactively identify hot spots and quickly react to your community needs and reduce staffing requirements to contact trace.  Automate the process of recording COVID-19 cases and trace their contact history to better administer care and improve outcomes.

Contact Tracing Made Right

Quickly record and trace all human contacts of COVID-19 patients using flexible technology to track and manage cases in real-time.

  • Track type of contact and determine risk level     automatically
  • Measure exposure area and potential spread
  • Manage complete investigations and assess risk levels in real-time
  • Track exposure timelines before and after onset of symptoms
  • Better understand transmission patterns while Asymptomatic or Pre-Symptomatic
  • Monitor real-time trends and identify potential hot     spots
  • Link to our complete case management solution for effective containment and community care.
Customizable business process software for contact tracing

Save Lives and Get Back to Business with Timely Insights

Proactively decide your next move and potential hot spots using real-time data and reports. Focus on risk areas and let the community go back to work safely.

  • Ensure that employers, retailers, organizations are     contacted so they make take precautions
  • Monitor real-time trends and identify potential hot     spots
  • Share reports and dashboards with stakeholders and the public for government agencies
  • Alert potential virus carriers and high-risk population due to reported contact
  • Monitor real-time trends and identify potential hot     spots
Business management software for consolidation across organization departments contact tracing

Additonal Benefits

Utilize fewer human resources to trace and manage contact tracing cases and eliminate data collection errors
HIPAA protection Perfeqta
HIPAA & 21 CFR Part 11 compliant with the highest security standards
workflow automation icon perfeqta
Replace your current manual forms or hard-to-manage worksheets with a 100% automated solution
workers icon perfeqta
Support front-line healthcare and first-responders and help flatten the curve
computer icon perfeqta contact tracing
Link with other computer systems, government databases and EHR systems.

Learn how PERFEQTA can help stem the spread of COVID-19

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