COVID-19 Testing

Getting tested should not be a dreadful event. We make it easy, and quick for the public and the front-line heroes!

Testing is paramount for the world to get back to normal and for people to get back to their lives and work! We want to help make the process quick, easy and error-free. We now provide a quick-to-setup solution to help organizations administering COVID-19 tests streamline the process and quickly report results.

Streamlined COVID-19 Testing

Perform mass screenings fast with easy-to-use tools for faster test results, accurate accounting and full traceability. Replace your paper process or makeshift solution for significant results.

  • Speed up the screening process for various settings
  • Report test results faster to healthcare facilities or tested individuals
  • Speed up turnaround time with constant tracking and real-time alerts
  • Link to PERFEQTA's Contact Tracing and Case Management solutions for a complete COVID-19 response system
  • Allow for self-service options.
Customizable business process software

Go Beyond Testing

Get the most out of your COVID-19 management efforts by closing the gaps between testing, tracing and case management. Now, quickly follow up with positive test cases and do a complete contact trace and manage their cases as needed. Help your community recover fast by getting the right information from infected individuals and into the right system for better outcomes.

Business management software for consolidation across organization departments

Additional Benefits

Replace paper with quick to deploy electronic testing solution
HIPAA protection Perfeqta
HIPAA & 21 CFR Part 11 compliant with the highest security standards
workflow automation icon perfeqta
Replace your current manual forms or hard-to-manage worksheets with a 100% automated solution
workers icon perfeqta
Support front-line healthcare and first-responders and help flatten the curve
alerts icon perfeqta
Get alerts if certain submitted data meets preconfigured criteria
let perfeqta save you time with our no code software
Setup takes days, not weeks or months!

Learn how PERFEQTA can help stem the spread of COVID-19

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